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Author Topic: Tutorial by Bozy War&wiz Exp&bot FACC  (Read 3475 times)

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Tutorial by Bozy War&wiz Exp&bot FACC
« on: February 20, 2016, 09:08:33 PM »

from 1-100lvl (FACC)
First you need to go ORC QUEST, you will get 4k+ exp so you are 9lvl, later go to maja quest you reach 10+ lvl...
10-15 lv - AFK SCORPIONS AUREA wpn fire, eq : hit
15-20 lv - Botting scorpions AUREA wpn fire, eq: hit
20-30 lv - botting Bear (south-western AUREA) wpn fire, eq: hit
30-40 lv - botting Killerbear's (red bear) (North East AUREA) wpn fire, eq: hit                                +++ SCORPIONS ATTACK ENERGY TOO ^^
OK u can exp&bot to 40 lvl at aurea :) lets go to another City, Yabutu!!!
40-50lvl- Bloodfly, Wpn Fire, Eq: Hit, Enegry
Now we go to another place, Starfishhhhh ISlaaaand! ^^
50-60lvl - Bokk, wpn fire, eq : hit                                                                                 
Next place the last place is.................. Hunterrra! :D
60lvl-100lvl - Redeath (red cat's) at free place you can bot to 100lvl+ ! WPN: FIRE EQ: HIT


Same Quests Like upstairs... ORK QUEST and Maja...
10-22lvl - AFK SCORPIONS Because u Need to have Skill "Mana Leech" its good for wizard, when u attack mob its adding mana. (City: aurea)
22-25lvl - botting scorpions City aurea, wpn: fire, eq : hit
25-35lvl- botting bears (southwestern aurea) wpn fire, eq : hit
35-45lvl- botting Killerbear's (North-East Aurea) wpn fire, eq: hit
45-55lvl botting Bloodfly (yabutu) wpn fire, eq: hit, energy
55-65lvl botting Bokk (Starfish Island) wpn fire eq: hit
65-100lvl botting Redeath (Hunterra, Free place) wpn fire eq: hit

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Re: Tutorial by Bozy War&wiz Exp&bot FACC
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2016, 09:31:55 PM »
Nice.  [ahhhgrrrhhhlll]

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