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Author Topic: Ideas for future versions.  (Read 271969 times)

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Re: Ideas for future versions.
« Reply #1185 on: November 19, 2021, 03:55:21 PM »
1.-Add use buff spell when target no monster.

2.-Add use atk spell only if right skill active, and has more than x (2 or 3) usages left (for warden armour skill).

3.-Add walk speed if mob in x range

4.-Add walk speed if mob+player in x range

5.-Add alarm if chars off by "gm on" .

6.-Need fix gm on, some chars stay online or logging in if (old)stamina hunt starting, this maybe related to follow mode (i dont use link connection).

7.-Add map collision count xyz;xyz coordinates to ignote step (count them as tree or like that)

8.-Save chat spam text and its option to binded/saved file

9.-Add delete chats at login

10.-Add date year/month/day shown beside time to bot debug.log file.

11.- Move page manual walking arrow buttons to work by laptop keyboard arrow buttons.

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Re: Ideas for future versions.
« Reply #1186 on: Today at 12:13:22 AM »
Would it be possible to make an BOT option so as not to move away from the waypoint (more than x steps) and wait for the mobs to come closer?
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