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Author Topic: Sell - Script FullQuest  (Read 1089 times)

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Sell - Script FullQuest
« on: February 20, 2023, 06:02:04 PM »
[FullQuest v3.6.1]

The FullQuest script is perfect for those who want to do all the quests automatically and efficiently without having any worries.

The script has options for your char to buy potions in the store for each completed island and a special function to buy potions in leviatacle quests and on the island of Pentora (making life easier for low-level characters).

The script also has the option to complete quests to deliver items via depot and also pick up breathnuts (preventing your character from spend hours in a cave).

The orthoma arena performed an extremely important function by getting your character to get fragments of creating items daily.

The script also has the True and False options for each quest, as well as the sequence options and also the new method for reversing the hunt waypoint randomly causing fewer chars to walk in the same direction during a quest.

The script now, in addition to doing the quests, also has the option of doing bosses.

Three different waypoints for each quest with random system of choice (This function will prevent the accumulation of characters by doing the same quests in the same direction, in other words... faster will complete it).

The script contains the following islands and quests below:
- Hunterra
- Gorgoros
- Riftion
- Arena Orthoma
- Leviatacle
- Antidote
- Orthoma
- Pentora
- Doratia
- Tauragor

There is also the hunt function after completing all quests, in this function is included the shop options (to sell the loots in the shop, making an extra gold) and also the option of depot (Farm items as adamantines and breathnuts).

Currently the script has more than 200 users and more than 1400 characters using it, come and be part of this wonderful daily quest script.

FullQuest script is now 50€ RUN AND SECURE YOUR SCRIPT.

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